UCR Extension Class:

Developing the Real Number System, Part B

101EDCC05, Fall 2010

Marty Yates, Instructor

Algebra Worksheets

The pdf worksheets herein are exerpts from Elementary Algebra, 3rd Edition, By Robert H. Prior, 2010. All rights reserved. These worksheets are intended for students of the class indicated above. Photocopying for the purpose of distribution or sale is forbidden without the expressed written consent of the author, Bob Prior. Contact the author at bob@bobprior.com.

Linear Equations in One Variable

2.1 Solving Linear Equations Involving Two Operations

2.2 Solving Linear Equations Involving More Than Two Operations

2.3 Solving Linear Equations Involving Fractions and Decimals

Linear Inequalities in One Variable

2.6 Understanding Linear Inequalities

2.7 Solving Linear Inequalities

Linear Equations in Two Variables

4.1 The Rectangular Coordinate System

4.2 Grahing Lines

4.3 Features of a Line

4.4 The Slope Formula

4.7 Parallel and Perpendicular Lines