Elementary Algebra

Norco Edition

for Norco College on-campus

Math 52 classes

Chapter 1 (Norco Edition)

Chapter 2 (Norco Edition)

(Ch. 1 & 2 are available to those waiting to purchase the book.)

Page Corrections to the Norco Edition (Updated for Fall 2015)

Focus Exercise Answers (Updated for Fall 2015)

Chapter Review Exercises (with answers)

Chapter 0 on-line (PreAlgebra Review)

(Ch. 0 is completely optional to the student.)


Disclaimer, with apologies: Please forgive any errors that you might find. We have spent many hours looking through each and every exercise and example to eliminate any errors. However, if you find an error, my sincere apologies. I would appreciate hearing from you about any you may find.

Contact me at bob.prior@NorcoCollege.edu and write "Math 52 book error" in the subject line.